Where to Go and What to Do When You Feel Unsafe at “Good Work”

There are people in life that have felt safe in their work life; some have experienced fear since their first day at work. They cannot focus on the job because everything about it threatens their duty and existence. There is always something to be done if you are in such a dilemma, there are places you can go to and get an assurance of safety.

Why do something when you feel unsafe a given workplace

You already know that you can do something when you feel unsafe at a workplace but if you not really sure, you can read more about this in the discrimination in the workplace essay. Why take necessary action:

  • You could be doing it not only for yourself

Some of the people in the workplace could be feeling the same way but do not have the energy to speak out.

  • You need to focus on the job

The only way to ensure you are carrying out your mandate is by focusing on the job. Your safety is all that can guarantee that focus.

Where do you go and what to do?

A threat to you, your life, and your family can lead to unsafety. A customer, a boss, a fellow employee, job conditions could make you feel unsafe.

  • For a threat from a customer, the boss is your best solution. If your boss is in a position of ensuring, you are safe by handling the client then it should be a solved matter. On the other side, a boss who cannot protect means you need to report a matter to a security authority could be the local police so that you are guaranteed of your security.


  • A threat could be from a fellow employee. Having the matter brought forward to your boss, a disciplinary department or the human resource department could free you of any threats. Having that person prevented from those practices could be the best thing you have not only done for yourself but other too.
  • The problem could be a boss. Now you cannot get the solution to a problem if whoever is making you feel unsafe is the owner or the head of the business. If you cannot negotiate respectfully to handle the matter, the other is a legal one. Get the services of a legal officer file for a petition, have the boss being brought to question, if it means missing the job, they will need to compensate for all the instability they have caused.
  • Another threat could be the working conditions. If you are working in a hugely dangerous place, your safety needs to be guaranteed. If the owners of the workplace are ignoring it, let’s say a leaking floor on top of your heads, you need to get to the Occupation Safety and Health Association and have them come and inspect the place. Your tip could save the lives of many that could be threatened.
  • In the case you are working in a mining site then Mine Safety and Health Association should be able to help with the problem.
  • If you are working in an unsafely maintained airport, airplane or aviation services firm, the Federal Aviation Authority should be able to come to your rescue.
  • If you are being discriminated racially or sexually at work, then the Federal State of wherever you work should be involved in the management cannot handle the issue. In this case, you could choose to go to court and have the person or organization charged. You can use Non-Governmental Organizations that fight against gender and racial discrimination to lobby for you and get you off the hook.

Moreover, many regulatory authorities and agencies are related to your field of work. These authorities are always ready to help in the case you are feeling unsafe at work.