Best Work From Home Gifts for Employees in 2022

Where to put it: On your desk, in your grimy old gym bag, in your car, in your fridge, and in any other place where a fruit-flavored swig of water might be appropriate.

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Best Work From Home Gifts for Employees in 2022

Work from home gifts are presents you can send to colleagues that work remotely. These gifts tend to be related to remote work like gadgets or desk ornaments, or are otherwise location independent such as gift cards and online subscriptions. The purpose of these gifts is to boost morale and improve company culture.

1. Virtual team building events

Group of work from home employees doing a gift event

One of the most meaningful gifts for remote workers is a virtual team building event that allows colleagues to connect with each other. Remote employees often report feeling isolated and disconnected. Online team building events can create a sense of community among a staff that otherwise interacts on a limited basis. These events are fun, social, and relaxing, and tend to teach useful skills such as critical thinking, communication, and collective decision making.

Remote team building experiences come in a variety of options, from online murder mysteries, to trivia, to cocktail making lessons or full-on virtual parties.

2. Technology accessories

Some virtual offices provide work from home technology or office budgets as part of the work from home policy or employee benefits package. Regardless of whether your organization bankrolls laptops and printers or asks staff to supply these necessities, every employee could use a technology upgrade or a slick accessory from time to time.

3. Stress reduction kit

Though you may not be able to physically pop into your employees’ home offices to lend a sympathetic ear or deliver a pep talk, sending stress reduction kits is the next best thing. Stress reduction kits are care packages full of items that help remote employees unwind and cope with tension. Sending stress reduction kits can signal that you care about your dispersed employees’ wellbeing and peace of mind.

Office Gifts For Coworkers

Office gifts for coworkers include items that are all-purpose without being generic. Nearly any person would love getting these items for any occasion. They’re safe and versatile but never boring.

1) Asobu Flavour U See


Where to put it: On your desk, in your grimy old gym bag, in your car, in your fridge, and in any other place where a fruit-flavored swig of water might be appropriate.

2) Personalized Aluminum Wallet

3) Weekender


Where to put it: With your weekend gear. This duffel embraces the work-from-anywhere lifestyle where your office can be any number of places you get work done. If a roadtrip is on the horizon, you’ll know where the Weekender belongs.

Why this gift is a winner: This weekend bag is made from thick canvas and protects your essentials when you’re on the move. Whether you’re out of town for the day or the week, this bag has you covered.

4) Puffy Blanket


Why this gift is a winner: This relaxation blanket is great for unwinding after a particularly busy work day. You can settle in for a night off with this extra-warm puffy blanket and watch a good movie on the couch.

5) SwagUp Classics Pack

6) Petite Bliss Plant

7) Monthly Planning and Stationery Box

Monthly Planning and Stationery Box

Bulk Gifts For Employees

Bulk gifts for employees are items that can be ordered in large quantities for the holidays, corporate events, and other company milestones. These bulk employee appreciation gift ideas can be delivered to multiple locations and have been proven to be universal crowd-pleasers that are guaranteed to have a lasting positive effect on company culture.

13) Gifts of Gratitude

  • What is it? This carefully curated bulk employee appreciation gift comes with a fragrant candle and matches, a desk-happy succulent, a tea set, handcrafted soap, a stone paper journal, and other productivity-boosting surprises.
  • Why employees love this bulk appreciation gift: Upgrade their workspace with a gift box of high-quality items that expresses your gratitude for everything they do on a daily basis. Give them a chance to brew up a perfect cup of tea, tuck into the hand-crafted chocolates, and enjoy another productive day on the job.
  • Price: Take this 60-second quiz to get personalized results
  • Customizable? Yes
  • Where to get it:Gifts of Gratitude

14) Sherpa Blanket

15) The Tech Pack

16) Welcome Back Box

  • What is it? The Welcome Back Box is a thoughtful bulk gift for employees and coworkers returning from an absence. Whether a pandemic, a sabbatical, or maternity leave required distance from the office, your employees will know they were missed.