How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur in 2018?


You finally did it! You decided that you no longer want to have a boss and go by a 9 to 5 program. You want to be your own boss, create your own schedule, and thrive off your own company. Nothing’s better than feeling like you don’t owe explanations to anyone for why you were late at work that day.

However, becoming successful entrepreneurs is not as easy as saying “I quit.” Once you have started your own business, things can go two ways: “man, I’m glad I quit,” and “man, I wish I didn’t quit. In order to make sure you are not part of the latter category, you need a set of skills and abilities – along with a decent range of knowledge.

The Basics of Being an Entrepreneur

To be an entrepreneur, you first need to define an entrepreneur – so what does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Well, according to most dictionaries, the meaning of entrepreneur goes as follows: a person who will organize, manage, but also assume any risks associated with a business or an enterprise.

Basically, an entrepreneur will define a business, invest in it, create it – and then repeat the process. They are the leaders that stand at the head of the business – and they are basically the bosses of everything that is going on.

Top Tips for Being an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur certainly holds its risks – because you can’t know for sure how a business will fare. It may be very successful – or it may come crashing down on you. In order to b successful, not only do you have to work on your personal skills definition, but you also need to learn how to be a leader.

To set up your own business, here’s what you need to work on:

  1. Place your focus on profitability and revenue

Every entrepreneur has to understand that traditional businesses and modern businesses have a lot of things in common. Most people seem to think that it’s all about getting never-ending funding rounds to sustain the growth of your company.

In truth, however, it is mostly about making your business economically viable. For this reason, your business needs to focus on profitability and revenue.

  1. Be innovative in your thinking

What do entrepreneurs do? They create and manage businesses. How do they do that? By bringing to the table something that other companies have not thought of before. A successful entrepreneur should not focus on standard business forms – but instead, they should be able to think in new or innovative ways.

  1. Keep a strong eye on the bigger picture

What must entrepreneurs do after creating a business plan? The answer to that is fairly simple: they need to hold on to the bigger picture. It’s very easy to focus on immediate effects – but you should not lose sight of the bigger picture.

Granted, rapid growth and fast failings take a lot of our attention – and we should be particularly attentive to that. However, losing focus of the bigger picture may cause us to take hasty actions which might bring us farther away from our goal. Therefore, among the qualities of an entrepreneur lies the ability to focus on the main goal.

  1. Hang on to the rules – to some extent

As students, we learn that we have to respect the rules; they put our world in order. As entrepreneurs, however, we learn that we still have to respect the rules – but only as long as we do not let them stop us.

You can always alter a rule or a roadblock; as long as the integrity of the company is not compromised, there should not be any problems. Therefore, instead of staying in the roadblock, you should identify the source of the problem. Once that has been settled, try to figure out ways to alter the rules – so that in the end, it comes to your benefit.

The main idea is that you should get from point A to point B with as little resistance as possible. As long as you achieve the intended result, there should not be a problem that you bent some rules.

  1. Make people the front and center

Being an entrepreneur means that you have to display effective leadership. Regardless if it’s about the investors, employees or customers, you have to keep those people at the front or center. You’re a leader, not a dictator.

Try to make our business as simple as possible – but ensure that it also holds value. This way, you will be able to attract a wide range of people which will help you achieve success. Without people, you will not be able to thrive and achieve success.

  1. Take advantage of the new technology

One of the key characteristics of an entrepreneur is to see an opportunity when it places itself in front of you. Regardless if you have a writing service or a shop that sells Halloween items all year round, you need to learn how to take advantage of the new technology.

Sure, it’s scary, and it’s something you might not be used to – but even if you do not take advantage of this technology, your competitors might. This might cause you to fall quickly behind – which can be rather dangerous for your business.

  1. Be confident, but also be humble

An entrepreneur personality needs to feature two characteristics: confidence and humility. Indeed, you need to hang on to your drive and believe with all your might that you will be able to reach your goal – but at the same time, do not picture yourself as a god.

Put some self-awareness in the mix as well and know your own limits. If you aim too high, you might end up having your wings broken by flying too close to the sun.

Final Ideas

The thought of being an entrepreneur might be rather scary – but with enough determination, you are bound to be successful. Just make sure that the skills you need are the skills you also possess.