60 Seconds Elevator Pitch

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Hi, my name is Coby. I am a sophomore student in NY University, pursuing Marketing. I hope to join Google’s marketing team. In the wake of changing the technological environment, which continues to alter behaviors’ consumption, I have learned that online presence is critical to keep a brand relevant and competitive. I was working with the best writers to get the perfect resume, they could even write my essay for me. I have gained an adequate experience in social media marketing, especially from my first internship program at Innocent Drinks. My interest lies in helping organizations move from traditional marketing strategies to digital media platforms. I would like to help your company create networks on Facebook, Twitter, and Snap-chat and integrate them with the company’s website to engage with existing and prospective customers. I am passionate about the use of social media to promote brands, products and services, and engaging with pools of clients. In our internship program at Innocent Drinks, my team helped the company increase its social media presence and gather information including consumption patterns and behaviors, and the changing customer preferences. My career goal is to help organizations adopt new marketing tools, especially the use of social media and other platforms such as Google and Apple.

A Constructive Critique from My Colleague

Wow, I have to say that you are on the right path toward setting your feet in the organization. You mentioned your name, general occupation, experience at innocent drinks, and your achievement in helping the company increase brand awareness through social media presence. That is perfect, I would say. Nevertheless, your facial expression when delivering the pitch is non-impressive. You seem nervous and embarrassed. Try to feel free and manifest courage. Let your audience see the information you give as an accurate reflection of your story. Tell it as it is. Otherwise, your employer might notice your insincerity.